Alpine Specialty Chemicals

Alpine Specialty Chemicals provides solutions in several major areas that can positively impact your drilling operations. These issues include lost circulation, wellbore stability, torque and drag, and stuck pipe. Since 1999, Alpine has offered a diverse product line that assists in alleviating the effects of the above mentioned conditions which lead to a more efficient and productive drilling operation.

In 2003, Alpine Mud Products was acquired by M-I SWACO. With locations in more than 70 countries, M-I SWACO is a worldwide company representing a wide array of businesses involved in drilling, reservoir drill-in and completion fluids and associated services for the petroleum industry. Since operating as a division of M-I SWACO, the name has been changed to Alpine Specialty Chemicals and we now operate in all major drilling markets around the world. With the resources of M-I SWACO behind us, Alpine will continue to expand our capabilities and provide the best products or solutions for solving specific drilling issues.