Performance Report: DRILL BEADS / DBRU Reduces Torque, Increases ROP in Oil-base Mud

Eagle Ford Shale, La Salle County, Texas

Challenge: After the operator completed the build section and began the lateral section, the torque began to climb, while the ROP started to drop appreciably.

Solution: The ALPINE SPECILTY CHEMICALS and MI-SWACO team recommended the operator employ its ALPINE DRILL BEADS and ALPINE DRILL BEAD RECOVERY UNIT (BRU) tandem. The recovery unit is designed to minimize the amount of beads lost to the surface solids-control equipment, thus eliminating costly and repetitive additions of drill beads to the mud system. Without a recovery unit, the majority of drill beads would be removed from the circulating system at the shale shakers.

Alpine designed a system that meets strict industry guidelines for safety, minimizes the amount of personnel required and provides an efficient recovery method. There, drill solids and waste material are separated from the drill beads, and discharged to the waste stream, while the drill beads are recovered and returned to the suction pit.

Result: While drilling the lateral, torque was increasing and ROP was decreasing and sliding was difficult. After adding 3% ALPINE DRILL BEADS to the system, torque immediately decreased 25% and ROP while sliding increased 20%. The operator was able to maintain control of torque and reasonable ROP was achieved for the remainder of the well. After the well reached TD approximately $7,000 of beads were recovered from the mud system and put in to containers for use on the next well. By utilizing the BRU the operator ensures all cuttings and solids removed at the rig shaker are transported to a second set of shakers.

Download: ALPINE DRILL BEADS / DBRU Reduces Torque, Increases ROP in Oil-base Mud (0.11 MB PDF)

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