Mechanical lubricant reduces torque and drag in highly deviated wellbores

ALPINE SPOTTING BEADS additive is a spherical co-polymer that acts as a mechanical lubricant in stable temperatures up to 425° F (218° C). Compatible with water-base, oil-base and synthetic-base mud systems, the additive’s range of particle sizes and specific gravities can reduce torque and drag and lower the risk of differential sticking in depleted, underbalanced formations by optimizing the radial symmetry of beads in the wellbore.

Lowering the risk of differential sticking

The ALPINE SPOTTING BEADS mechanical lubricant includes particle sizes from 18 to 200 mesh (74 to 1,000 microns) and specific gravities from 1.08 to 1.50 s.g. The additive is typically applied in highly deviated wellbores, including those with high tortuosity and severe or unplanned doglegs that contribute to high torque and drag. The additive also helps break capillary attraction and is non-abrasive.