BLACK FURY Liquid Gilsonite

Stabilizes shales

The BLACK FURY liquid Gilsonite suspension formulation’s design focuses on stabilizing water-sensitive, micro fractured shales when drilling with water-base fluid. Sealing fractures reduces dynamic fluid loss and minimizes the potential for differential sticking. In addition, secondary benefits include improved lubricity and reduced accretion from sticky clays.

Easily applied to a system

BLACK FURY liquid Gilsonite is compatible with most water-base drilling fluids. Applications using lignosulfonate, potassium, and partially-hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) mud systems provided extremely successful results. Due to the product’s liquid state, it disperses easily into the mud system, even when added in high concentrations. BLACK FURY liquid Gilsonite works best when added to the mud system before encountering known trouble zones. It can be added directly to the system through the mud hopper or pumped directly into the suction pit.

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Liquid Gilsonite Suspension

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The product has applications in most water-base drilling fluids and is acceptable environmentally.