CLEAN SPOT Pipe-Freeing Agent

Quickly acts to free stuck pipe

CLEAN SPOT pipe-freeing agent is a water-dispersible, low-toxicity spotting fluid design to quickly free differentially stuck pipe. The agent acts by infiltrating the area between the filter cake and the pipe. After functioning as a spotting fluid, CLEAN SPOT additive blends with the active mud system to reduce torque and drag and reduce the possibility of differential sticking. CLEAN SPOT additive also offers strong metal wetting characteristics.

Works in multiple applications

The environmentally friendly CLEAN SPOT agent cracks both HPHT and dynamic filter cakes to free stuck pipe. This amber liquid is stable up to 400°F, in the absence of high pH and high hardness.

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CLEANSPOT Pipe-Freeing Agent

A water-dispersible, low-toxicity spotting fluid.