High-strength additive strengthens wellbores and alleviates lost circulation

FORM-A-BLOK high-performance, high-strength additive is a proprietary blend for wellbore strengthening applications and remedying a host of lost circulation scenarios, including fractures and matrix permeability. Applied as a pill, FORM-A-BLOCK de-waters or de-oils rapidly to form a high strength plug.

For water-base and non-aqueous drilling fluids

FORM-A-BLOK additive can be used in water-base or non-aqueous drilling fluids (NAF) for wellbore strengthening and to cure losses at temperatures up to 350°F (~177°C). The additive is ideal for open hole remedial and preventative lost circulation squeeze operations and improves casing shoe integrity.

Sealing perforations and casing leaks

The additive has proven itself in cased-hole squeeze operations and for sealing perforations and casing leaks. FORM-A-BLOK additive provides maximum strength when mixed with a water-base pill. The slurry can be weighted with barite, calcium carbonate or heavy brine. FORM-A-BLOK does not require an activator or retarder and does not depend on temperature to form a rigid plug. It can be pre-mixed well in advance of pumping, provided the pill is agitated continuously.


Form A BlokForm A Blok
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High-Fluid Loss or High-Solids Slurry

Cost effective solution to lost circulation.