Conforms to a variety of applications

FORM-A-SQUEEZE high-fluid loss/high-solids slurry is a cost effective solution for lost circulation in all types of fractures, vugular formations, matrix, and underground blowout events. The slurry functions in any water-base or non-aqueous fluid. FORM-A-SQUEEZE slurry’s design includes use as an openhole remedial or preventative lost-circulation squeezes, plus in front of cement squeezes, plug to improve casing shoe integrity, preventative lost circulation material for seepage losses, and cased-hole squeeze for sealing perforations and casing leaks.

Quick acting

Time is not a concern when needing a quick plug when using FORM-A-SQUEEZE slurry. The powder is easy to mix through a standard hopper and is environmentally acceptable. The formulation forms a compact plug when placed in (or across) a loss zone. The liquid phase squeezes from the slurry and rapidly forms a solid plug. The process cures losses instantly without time or temperature dependency.

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High-Fluid Loss or High-Solids Slurry

Cost effective solution to lost circulation.