Multi-blend lubricant reduces torque, drag and differential sticking in deviated holes

QUICK SLIDE DS multi-blend lubricant decreases the coefficient of friction in all water-base drilling fluids. This results in the reduction of torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking, especially when drilling deviated wellbores or wells with high overbalance. Stable in temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), QUICK SLIDE DS reduces the tendency for bit and BHA accretion when drilling sticky, reactive shale.

Effective during extended drilling without rotation

QUICK SLIDE DS can be applied beneficially when directional operations require extended drilling without rotation. In this application, QUICK SLIDE DS can enhance weight transfer to bottom and alleviate conditions of excessive drag and reduced ROP. It can also be used effectively as a lubricating additive to enhance wireline logging and casing running operations in deviated wellbores.

Dual benefit of chemical and mechanical lubrication

The non-hydrocarbon liquid phase of QUICK SLIDE DS has a unique wettability characteristic that lowers the potential for clay accretion on the BHA and drill pipe and provides chemical lubricity. The co-polymer bead component of QUICK SLIDE DS provides mechanical lubricity. The beads coat the drill-string and wellbore, acting as ball bearings to lower coefficient of friction, to provide mechanical stand-off and to reduce capillary attraction. Improved wellbore conditions, reduced differential sticking problems and reduced metal-to-metal friction are benefits.

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Multi-Blend Lubricant

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Designed to decrease the coefficient of friction in all water-based drilling fluids.