Fiber plugging agents from natural materials seal off permeable formations

Made from renewable natural resources, TIGER BULLETS additive seals micro fractures and prevents filtrate and whole mud damage to producing formations. The additive is a mixture of fiber plugging agents with a wide range of particle distribution specially designed to quickly seal off permeable formations to reduce the possibility of stuck pipe, control lost circulation and provide filtration control.

Proven in zones with high differential pressures

The superiority of TIGER BULLETS additive as bridging agent is field-proven when drilling high-permeability/high-porosity zones with high differential pressures. TIGER BULLETS additive is compatible with all mud systems and can be used in combination with other lost circulation materials, including nut plug, mica, sized calcium carbonate, gilsonite and others.

Minimal effect on mud properties

An inert material with minimal effect on mud properties, TIGER BULLETS can be easily mixed and dispersed into the mud system through a mixing hopper into a pit with good agitation. It is most effective maintained at the desired concentration throughout the circulating system.