Lubricants effectively eliminate metal-on metal-friction

ALPINE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS provides a full spectrum of downhole polymer and fluid lubricants that effectively reduce the coefficient of friction, which reduces torque and drag, and significantly lessen or eliminate the potential for differential sticking.

DRILL BEADS and SPOTTING BEADS provide mechanical lubrication

ALPINE DRILL BEADS additive is fairly uniform in size and is formulated for use in drilling situations where torque, drag, casing wear or the potential for differential sticking is likely. These spherical copolymer beads are designed to act as a mechanical lubricant in water-base, oil-base and synthetic-base drilling fluid systems at temperatures up to 525°F (274°C). Using the ALPINE DRILL BEAD Recovery Unit these materials can be effectively recovered and reused, eliminating costly and repetitive additions of drill beads to the active fluid system.

ALPINE SPOTTING BEADS additive acts as a mechanical lubricant and has a wide range of particle sizes and specific gravities. This aids in optimizing the radial symmetry of the beads in the wellbore and thereby reducing the risk of differential sticking in depleted, underbalanced formations.

QUICK SLIDE DS lubricant is ideal for water-base drilling fluid systems

This effective lubricant is a suspension of polymer drill beads in a base fluid that contains no hydrocarbons. The copolymer beads act as a mechanical lubricant by embedding themselves in the filter cake in open-hole drilling and providing mechanical standoff in cased-hole drilling, significantly reducing metal-to-metal friction and lessening torque and drag.

QUICK SLIDE CT lubricant reduces torque and drag in coiled-tubing drilling

An effective multi-blend developed especially for coiled-tubing operations, this lubricant has a unique wettability characteristic that lowers the potential of accretion on the bottomhole assembly and drill pipe, allowing more consistent weight to be applied to the drill bit.

BRINE SLIDE lubricant excels in brine-base completion fluids

BRINE SLIDE water-soluble brine lubricant is formulated to reduce the coefficient of friction in seawater, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, calcium chloride and calcium bromide completion fluids. BRINE SLIDE CW exhibits the same superior performance, but is formulated to withstand storage temperatures as low as 0°F.

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